Ever since Song of the South's release in 1946, dozens of books, records, toys and more were produced so that both children and adults alike could relive the magic of Uncle Remus' stories in true Disney style.

Welcome to the Song of the South Memorabilia section, the only web site on the internet featuring a compliation of all known memorabilia from Walt Disney's Song of the South.

32 items as of August 18, 2000.
Capitol Records, Disneyland Records & Tapes, Golden Records, Miscellaneous Records.
Under construction.
Disney Books; Giant, Big, Little and Tiny Golden Books; Comics and Comic Books; Miscellaneous and Foreign Books; Advertisements.
Under construction.
Movie Posters, Lobby Cards, Press Books, Reel-To-Reel Film, and Miscellaneous Items.
Under construction.
Australian, United States, and Canadian printings.
Under Construction.
Under Construction

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