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Fan Art

There's plenty of Song of the South fans out there who love to draw! Are you one of them? Please send me your pictures and I'll be glad to post them here! Any age and any style welcome! (Click here for submission guidelines.)

There was also a Fan Art Contest I held for Song of the South's 58th anniversary in November 2004. Click here to see the results!

"Bring Back the Briar Patch"

by Heather Little, Age 17

2004 Fan Art Contest Winner

"The Banks of the Catfish Bend"

by Heather Little, Age 17

"Brer Rabbit"

by Henrieke Goorhuis, Age 16

"Brer Fox in Love"

by Kat Garcia, Age 23

3 Pictures

by Samuel Zilberstein, Age 15

"Brer Rabbit and Mr. Blue Bird"

by Patric Gaudino, Age 12

3 Pictures

by Evan Garrett, Age 20

4 Pictures

by Kyle Binette, Age 12

"The Brers on Splash Mountain"

by Robert Bergman, Age 9

"Splash Mountain"

by John McKenna, Age 17

6 Pictures

by Leanne, Age 11

8 Pictures

by Cody Henry, Age 17

"Brer Rabbit"

by John McKenna, Age 17

Brer Rabbit Tattoo

by Jason Rounsavall

Submit Your Fan Art!

Are you a fan of Brer Rabbit, Brer Bear, Brer Fox, Splash Mountain, or Song of the South in general? Would you like to see your drawing here? All you need to do is follow these three simple guidelines:

1. Your drawing needs to depict at least one of Disney's "Brer" characters (like Brer Rabbit, Sis Rabbit, Mr. Bluebird, etc.) It can also be a scene from Song of the South or Splash Mountain. Feel free to use your imagination! For example, try drawing the Brer characters in completely new situations or places.

2. You can draw the picture any way you want: on the computer, or on paper. If you draw it on paper, though, you'll need to scan it into your computer so you can email it to me.

3. Have fun! That's what fan art is all about. Don't worry about how well you draw; everyone has their own unique style, and people of all ages are welcome to submit their fan art here.

So, do you have a picture you'd like to add here? with your name and age, the title of your picture, and a short description if you wish. And be sure to attach the picture! The format needs to be either .JPG or .GIF.

Thanks for your participation! Hope to see your artwork up here soon!

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