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 Title  Tales of Uncle Remus
 Year  1949
 Country  USA
 Description  Box-style 3-record set of the Tales of Uncle Remus.
 Record Label  Capitol
 Number  CCF-3008
 Media  Record
 RPM  45
 Contents  Side 1: Running Away (Part 1); Side 2: Running Away (Part 2); Side 3: Brer Rabbit and the Tar Baby (Part 1); Side 4: Brer Rabbit and the Tar Baby (Part 2); Side 5: The Laughing Place (Part 1); Side 6: The Laughing Place (Part 2).
 Variations  Labels: Style 1 is the Yellow Bozo Label, shown with O.C.'s (Optional Centers) intact. Style 2 is the White Bozo Label. Style 3 is the Purple Label with compressed lettering. Style 3b (not shown) has uncompressed lettering. Style 4 is the later Purple Dot label. (See pictures.)

Covers: Label styles 1 and 2 have a 1947 copyright date on the back of the box, and labels 2b and 3 do not have a date.
 Original Price  $2.85
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Record Label, Style 1: Yellow Bozo Label, shown with O.C.'s (Optional Centers) intact

Record Label, Style 2: White Bozo Label

Record Label, Style 3: Purple Label with compressed or uncompressed lettering (compressed shown)

Record Label, Style 4: Purple Dot Label

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