Brer Rabbit/Fox/Bear/Vulture Bean Bags (1990's)


Brer Rabbit/Fox/Bear/Vulture Bean Bags

Production Date 

1990's – c.1998

 Original Price 

$6.00 (Mouseketoys); $7.00 (WDW)


These four "Beanie Babies"-style bean bag stuffed animals were available at Disneyland and Walt Disney World.

Variations  These bean bags were released with two ear tag styles: the Walt Disney World tag and the Mouseketoys tag, in addition to the standard tush tag. Some versions also have a second tush tag with the character's name on it and a Song of the South logo on the back (with the exception of the Vulture, which is only named "Vulture" and has no Song of the South logo on the back).


In this set, the Vulture bean bag is only once listed as "Brer Vulture", on the Mouseketoys tag. In all other references, he is merely named "Vulture".


Brer Fox: 4-00122-14510-6 (WDW), 4-23070-00087-7 (Mouseketoys); Brer Rabbit: 4-00122-14509-0 (WDW), 4-23070-00088-4 (Mouseketoys); Brer Bear: 4-00122-14511-3 (WDW), 4-23070-00086-0 (Mouseketoys); Vulture/Brer Vulture: 4-00122-14512-0 (WDW), 4-23070-00089-1 (Mouseketoys).

Details  Made of all new materials, polyester fibers and plastic pellets. Made in China. Care: Toy may be surface cleaned with warm water and mild soap. Air dry, then brush to restore appearance of plush fabric.

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