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Ruth Warrick as Sally

Born: June 29, 1915; St. Joseph, MO

Died: January 15, 2005; New York, NY (Age 89)

RKO 281, better known as Citizen Kane (1941), was Warrick's premiere in Hollywood as Emily Norton Kane, the wife of Charles Kane. Under a seven-year contract with RKO pictures, she played roles in ten other films before being selected to take the part of Sally in Song of the South.

"Song of the South will always be a very special movie to me," recalled Warrick in a 1986 interview. "It was a wonderful experience working for Walt Disney, who had been one of my heroes and later became a very close personal friend.

"The Uncle Remus stories are a very important part of black history. They were my favorite stories as a child. I read the Uncle Remus stories to my children and am now reading them to my grandchildren."

Warrick was not only the acting wife of John in Song of the South, but also in real life as well. Ruth Warrick and Erik Rolf were married on April 15, 1938, and were divorced circa 1946. They had two children, Karen Elizabeth Rolf (born March 13, 1941) and Jon Erik Warrick Ylvisaker Rolf (a.k.a. Jon McNamara), born 1942. Their marriage and children were unknown to the public at the time.

Warrick is also well known for her many roles in soap operas, including As The World Turns, The Guiding Light, Peyton Place, and Phoebe Tyler of All My Children.

Among Warrick's some other 30 film credits include The Corsican Brothers (1941), Journey Into Fear (1942), Guest In The House (1944), China Sky (1945), Perilous Holiday (1946), and Daisy Kenyon (1947).

Ruth Warrick passed away on January 15, 2005 in her New York home from complications from pneumonia. She was believed to be the last surviving actress from Song of the South.

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