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November 12, 1946

Song of the South's world premiere. A record-breaking release campaign for both Walt Disney and RKO pictures alike, this movie was heralded far and wide as Walt Disney's greatest accomplishment yet. A great deal of memorabilia can be found from this era because of such a successful campaign to boost the popularity of Walt Disney's first live-action/animation full-length film.


1946 World Premier Souvenir Book from the Fox Theater in Atlanta, Georgia. Contains 72 pages of ads and articles both on Song of the South as well as Joel Chandler Harris.

1946 Campaign Book containing pictures, articles, ad slicks, promotion, exploitation, and merchandise. 96 pages.

1946 Movie Program.
16 pages of full-color information on Song of the South, which include concept sketches, biographical information, and much more.

1946 4-panel Premier Brochure heralding the World Premier of Walt Disney's Song of the South at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta, Georgia on Tuesday, November 12, 1946.

1946 1-sheet movie poster.

1946 Insert movie poster.

1946 Campaign Radio Transcriptions (South2) - click to listen.

15 Minute Transcription (6.7MB, MP3 or Text) – Interview and musical preview with Johnny Mercer, Luana Patten, Bobby Driscoll, James Baskett, and Walt Disney.

5 Minute Transcription #1 (2.1MB, MP3 or Text) – Short interview and musical preview with Johnny Mercer, Luana Patten, and Bobby Driscoll.

5 Minute Transcription #2 (2.1MB, MP3 or Text) – Short interview and musical preview with Johnny Mercer and Walt Disney. Special guest: Donald Duck.



Uncle Remus Stories Giant Golden Book. 24 Walt Disney adaptations of the original Joel Chandler Harris stories.

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Sheet music, like this one, was released for all six popular songs from the film: Song of the South, Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah, Uncle Remus Said, Sooner Or Later, How Do You Do, and Ev'rybody Has A Laughing Place.

Uncle Remus Little Golden Book. Contains three stories: Brer Fox an de Rabbit Trap, De Tar Baby, and Brer Rabbit's Laffin' Place.

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Capitol Records CC-40. Tales of Uncle Remus told by James Baskett and the original cast of Song of the South. Songs by Johnny Mercer.

The Wonderful Tar Baby book.

Brer Rabbit Rides The Fox book.

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Magazine Publicity

Being Walt Disney's first full-length live-action drama, Song of the South made the cover of many magazines and papers, including:

Western Family

Pictorial Review


Rexall Magazine

Our Dogs Magazine

Look Magazine

According to the 1946 Campaign book, ad coverage ran at an all-time high for this campaign, with one- and two-page color ads appearing in magazines nationwide for a combined total of over 100,000,000.

Portions © 1946 Walt Disney Productions/RKO Pictures Inc. Reprinted with permission.

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