Leonard Maltin Supports Song of the South’s Release

Leonard Maltin, one of the country’s most recognized and respected film critics and historians, was recently interviewed in a December 3rd article from the Star Tribune entitled “Maltin is Goofy for Classic Disney.” The article discusses the Walt Disney Treasures series. On these DVDs, Maltin himself introduces the cartoons which might now be considered “politically incorrect,” explaining how times have since changed. The article mentions possibly using this same approach forĀ Song of the South:

“‘I very much hope that the folks at Disney will release “Song of the South” sometime soon,’ Maltin said, ‘and use this same approach — to be responsible in explaining the times it depicts and the attitudes of the period in which it was made.'”

Such an approach to the film has been tossed around for quite awhile now, with even one unsubstantiated rumor of James Earl Jones doing the introduction. I personally support the idea, provided that the film remains unaltered, as did the cartoons which Maltin introduced. Thanks to Dave Strohmenger for informing me of this news item!

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