Splash Mountain Pin and Sorry! Board Game Released

A couple of new Splash Mountain items were released recently. The first item, a limited edition Splash Mountain pin, is part of the “Piece of Disney History Collection” and features Brer Rabbit, Brer Fox, and Brer Bear in the Splash Mountain log. At the front of the log is a small plastic bubble that contains an actual piece of the fur from the Audio-Animatronic Brer Rabbit on the Splash Mountain ride. The pin is limited to an edition of 2500 and is available exclusively at Walt Disney World for $12.95. For more info and to see how this pin was made, visit the official Disney Pin Trading website.

Also released is a special Splash Mountain edition of the popular board game Sorry! featuring the Brer characters. It is available at Disney theme parks for $40 and comes in a collectible tin case. To my knowledge, this is the first true game (not counting puzzles) to feature the Brer characters since the original Uncle Remus Zip! marble game released in 1947.

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