Jesse Cryor, Singing Voice of Brer Rabbit, Passes Away

I was recently contacted by Jesse Cryor’s granddaughter with the following sad news:

“I’m sending this email out to let you know that my grandfather, Jesse Cryor passed away this Wednesday past (January 11, 2006). He was 99 years old and still walking, talking, remembering, reading the paper, and writing and revising songs in his head up to the last week of his life. he was still singing up until he could no longer form his mouth to talk – about 2 days before death. i’m sure he was on stage performing long after that.

“His sense of humor was alive and intact, even on his death bed. Along with him he took a wellspring of information because there was no way for him to remember it all. But, his legacy will never die. He was a good man – a good human being – who with liberal, forward-thinking ideas about the world. He continued to advise many a young soul about the ways of life, the world and, of course, music and the business.”

Jesse Cryor performed the singing voice of Brer Rabbit. My sincere condolances go out to Jesse’s family. I would also encourage everyone to read Kimberley’s moving letter she sent to me in 2003 regarding her grandfather.

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