Wren’s Nest: Song of the South To Be Released In 2009

Note: The Wren’s Nest post is an APRIL FOOL’S JOKE.

According to The Wren’s Nest blog (posted on April 1st), Song of the South is slated to be released this year on both Blu-ray and DVD. To quote the blog:

“Disney has decided to release the film Song of the South to Blu-ray and DVD later this year. After waiting over twenty years since it’s last theatrical release, this is enormous news.

“Not surprisingly, the decision came after the recent Disney shareholder meeting. Expect the official announcement within the next two weeks or so. ….

“We’re privy to this information now because one of the shareholders (and a friend of the Nest) thought we should know in advance in order to prepare ourselves. I’m considering buying a phone headset to avoid answering-elbow.”

Rest of blog can be read here:

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