New York Post Article: “Exclusively on YouTube”

Print edition of the New York Post article "Exclusively on YouTube", published 4/7/2013,

Print edition of the New York Post article “Exclusively on YouTube”, published 4/7/2013,

Chief Film Critic Lou Lumenick of the New York Post recently published an article on April 7th titled “Exclusively on YouTube“, which chronicles a few different films that are, essentially, just that: movies that the studios have not released on video or DVD and live exclusively on

One of those films is Disney’s Academy Award-winning and controversial movie “Song of the South”. I was contacted by Mr. Lumenick back in March to get my thoughts on this. Also contacted was Disney historian Jim Korkis (who recently published the book “Who’s Afraid of the Song of the South?“)

So, if you still haven’t seen Song of the South and don’t want to purchase one of the numerous bootleg copies available on the Internet, now’s your chance to go check it out on YouTube. It will be interesting to see whether Disney decides to tighten their enforcement.

The other films mentioned that are currently in the same boat as Song of the South are The Great Gatsby (1949), Christmas Holiday (1944), and Once in a Lifetime (1932). Here’s hoping that all of these pieces of cinematic history get the preservation they deserve and eventually make their way to a home video release. Special thanks to Lou for publishing this article!

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  1. Brian says:

    Another one is “Let’s Get Lost”, the Bruce Weber documentary on Chet Baker. Its been released on DVD overseas but not in the USA. It is, however, supposed to come out later this year on DVD.