“That Guy With the Glasses” Reviews Song of the South

As you may remember, back in March 2012, Nostalgia Chick over at “That Guy With the Glasses” reviewed Song of the South. Now, Doug Walker has posted his own review of the movie, as part of Disneycember, in which they review the most influential and memorable live action Disney movies:

Doug, like myself, remembers seeing it as a kid in theaters back in 1986. Like Nostalgia Chick, his overall reaction, at least to the live action sequences, is “Meh,” but he urges people to pick up a copy for themselves and “make your own Zip-A-Dee-Conclusion.” Overall the review is entertaining, witty, and honest!

One thing to note: Doug refers to the  African-Americans in the film as slaves, when in fact the movie is set in a post-Civil War South. This is a good example of why the film has gotten a bad reputation—some people believe the film depicts slavery. Special thanks to Kyle Blanchette for the news report!

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