New WDCC Brer Bear Collectible: “A Hankering for Hare”

Announced in May, a new Walt Disney Classics Collection figurine from Walt Disney’s Song of the South is joining the Summer 2011 releases. The new WDCC figurine features Brer Bear and is entitled “A Hankering for Hare.” This piece is designed to complement the Brer Fox and Brer Rabbit set released in 2010, entitled “Cooking Up a Plan” and “Last Laugh”, respectively. The three pieces form a scene from the Laughing Place animated sequence of Song of the South (you can watch the YouTube clip here).

“Galumphing and a bit bumbling, Brer Bear is Brer Fox’s bosom buddy, so when the crafty fox is ready to roast Brer Rabbit for dinner, the burly big guy is more than ready to dig in.”

The figurine measures 7.5″ high, and is plussed with a pewter fork and knife. It is sculpted by Patrick Romandy-Simmons, and has a suggested retail price of $185.00. It is currently available for pre-order from WDCC authorized dealers and will be released this summer.┬áSpecial thanks to Brian Slatky for the news report!

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  1. Sam Newman says:

    Uncle Remus along with all of his stories represent all things that are good in mankind. My grandfather knew all the stories and wold tell them us kids over and over. We never got tired of listening as I would learn more about all the good things in life each time he told the stories. Thoes most valued lessions from Uncle Remus Ledgons have remaind with me for over 70 years. Every time that I hear the word “Wisdom,” I automatically have the thought of Uncle Remus. His story of
    Brer Rabbit and Brer Fox gave me the real understanding of wisdom. My grandfather explained that knowledge, understand, and judgement were all parts of Wisdom. He went on to explain how people seeking wisdom would look on the top of the mountain where the wise men were like bright lights waving their papers to prove their high levels of intelligence. Then he would say, “that is not where you find real wisdom or intelligence.” You should go to the valley below the mountain and find a man on his knees wiht his head down in awe over all the things that he does not know and will not have the time to learn it all. I was in sorrow to learn years later that Uncle Remus stores were considered racist and was to be ban. Up until that time I did not know that Uncle Remus was black and just a symbol of racisim. Uncle Remus had always been symbol of an angel within my heart.
    I still love Uncle Remus, Please, Please, Please, bring him back.