Memorabilia Corner: Featuring Song of the South Memorabilia

It’s hard to believe that I started collecting Song of the South memorabilia over 20 years ago. And next year will mark 20 years since I stood up my first Song of the South memorabilia web site on Tripod (remember them?) featuring my modest collection of 15 books and records.

A lot has changed since 1998. My Song of the South memorabilia collection is now approaching 500 unique items, and I think it’s time to feature some of these items from time to time in this new blog series I’m going to call “Memorabilia Corner” for now. Whether you’re a Disneyana collector or just looking to rekindle a fond childhood memory, I hope you enjoy!

Capitol Records’ Tales of Uncle Remus (CC-40) (1947)

For my first article, it’s only fitting that we feature the first piece of memorabilia I ever collected (and what subsequently got me to start collecting.) From 1946: Capitol Records’ “Tales of Uncle Remus” (CC-40) is a set of three 78 RPM records featuring the original cast from Song of the South, and the music of Johnny Mercer and the Pied Pipers. This was a very popular set, and if you’re looking for one they can often be found for under $30 on sites like eBay.

Don’t have a record player that plays 78 RPM? No problem! Thanks to YouTube, you can hear the album for yourself.

Sides 1-3:

Sides 4-6:

This set is the single most reissued Song of the South album I know of. Are you ready for this? In addition to originally releasing the album as CC-40, they also reissued it under the following albums (click on the links for more info on each):

  • c.1948: Tales of Uncle Remus (DC-116) – A reissue on “Superflex” (a trademark for their unbreakable 78 RPM records)
  • c. 1948: Tales of Uncle Remus (DCN-116) – Identical to DC-116 except it’s a box set instead of the book-style binding of the original.
  • 1949: Tales of Uncle Remus (CCF-3008) – 45 RPM set, highly popular due to its ability to play in modern record players. This one has so many different record labels that it will need its own article someday!
  • 1962: Tales of Uncle Remus (J-3265) – Reissued as a 33 1/3 album
  • 1975: Tales of Uncle Remus (L 6986) – Final release on 33 1/3 album in partnership with ZIV International/Wonderland Records. This is probably the least desirable of the above examples, as they decided to remove the story of Brer Rabbit Runs Away to make room for “Tickety Tock” on Side B.

Brer Rabbit Runs Away (CAS-3108)

In addition to the above albums, they also released each story separately on both 78RPM and 45 RPM records. These are neat to find with their original sleeves as they have unique artwork I haven’t found on any other piece of memorabilia:

These were released in the United States, New Zealand and Australia. They were likely released in other countries as well, but those remain to be discovered!

I hope you have enjoyed the first article. If there’s a particular piece of memorabilia you’d like to see me cover in a future article, please contact me and let me know! And, if you happen to have a piece of memorabilia that’s on my Wanted List, I am very interested in hearing from you as well. Until then… Keep Collecting!

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