Fan Artist Henrieke Goorhuis Published in WDCS

I was recently contacted by Song of the South fan artist Henrieke Goorhuis. In 2006, Henrieke submitted a drawing of Brer Rabbit to me, and it can still be seen in the Song of the South Fan Art section.

Hi there! In your fan art section there’s a fan drawing I made directly after first seeing Song of the South when it got aired by the BBC in 2006. The next year a cover I drew featuring Brer Rabbit got published in the Netherlands, my first comic publication. Now, another 10 years later, a Brer Rabbit comic I drew last year got published in the US. It’s actually for the first time since quite a while that a (new) comic got published in the states, and it was uncertain for a while if they were putting it in or not, and it is also uncertain if they’ll do it again. I thought it was pretty neat and that I’d let you know as a SotS collector! The story isn’t too interesting, but I had fun drawing the characters. The magazine is for sale right now in the US, WDCS 738.

That is certainly an accomplishment to have a comic published in Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories! As some Disney fans may already know, WDCS has been in publication since 1940, and is the longest-running Disney comic book series in history. Over the decades it has featured many a Brer Rabbit comic (some of which can be seen in my Memorabilia section), but this is the first time in recent memory that a brand new Brer Rabbit comic has been published in the U.S.

The story is entitled “The Carrot Colossus”, and it was originally published in 2016 in the Dutch comic book “Donald Duck”. For Issue 738 in the U.S., it’s Story #4 in the comic book, and is now on sale as of May 24th!

The Carrot Colossus
Writer: Ruud Straatman
Artist: Henrieke Goorhuis
Colorist: Erik Rosengarten and Sanoma
Letterer: Nicole and Travis Seitler
Translation and Dialogue: David Gerstein with Henrieke Goorhuis and Erik Rosengarten

My sincere congratulations and thanks to Henrieke and the others involved for keeping Brer Rabbit and friends alive and well in the Disney comic books! I hope the feedback is favorable and more will be seen in the future.

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